2023 Annual Meeting Notice

Posted By: Christine McDermott

This year the Providence Jewelers Club Board of Directors is seeking your vote to approve the following nominations as put forth by the nominating committee:

  1. Officers of the Club to serve a term of one year:

    President: Phillip Sowa, Mel-Co-Ed

    Vice President: Tina Gosselin, Swarovski

    Treasurer: Bill Genovese, Child-Genovese Insurance

    Secretary: Christine McDermott, Tri-Bro Manufacturing

  2. Board of Directors to serve the terms noted:

    Nicholas Driscoll, Glines & Rhodes First Year / Term 1

    Philipp Ricciotti, A. Ricciotti Insurance Associates First Year / Term 1

Per our club’s bylaws, additional nominations may be made by petition, signed by a minimum of fifteen members, which must be delivered to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Coutu, Immediate Past President 2022